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December 06 2014


English to Spanish translation services

Pangeanic offers professional Spanish translation services with translations into Spanish and from Spanish into more than 100 language pairs. Our experienced Spanish translators produce a team comprising expert translators, knowledgeable of the finest computer-assisted translation tools - years of expertise in Spanish translations at your service. Each Pangeanic translator focuses on a different field like technical Spanish translations and engineering translations, legal Spanish translations, financial Spanish translations, pharma / medical Spanish translations, etc. Moreover, for big content, you can trust savings: we shall build machine translation engines and customize machine translation to accelerate your translation process and time-to-market. We can make use of your old Spanish translations and turn them into machine translation that can pre-translate with your personal terminology and expressions. - Quality Spanish Translations

EN15038 quality-assured Spanish translations

We are able to promise

your Spanish translations will likely be delivered to you in exactly the same format or even the format you want;

we shall work to help save you time and with the help of powerful filters and translation technology;

you may obtain a ready-for-press, accurate Spanish translation;

you simply will not need to revise or check again our Spanish translation.

Pangeanic offers full transparency and traceability in all its processes and Spanish Translations, as a European Translation Standard certified company. Perform not reduce quality, we cut down on process times: it doesn�t matter if you just need one or 100 Spanish translations, you will always receive consistent, high quality Spanish translations in each project.

Spanish to English translation services

Merely a professional English-speaking translator selected and approved by Pangeanic whose native language is English and it is fluent in Spanish can perform Spanish to English translations for us. Usually, they live in an English-speaking country like the US,UK and Canada, etc., and also have studied Spanish and spent a relevant amount of time within a Spanish-speaking country. Our English to Spanish translators only translate materials that they have prior, demonstrable experience.

Contact our translation team and tell them what you need! Whether your Spanish translation needs are small or large, whether you have to translate your blog site and reach larger audiences, a commercial translation, a severe publication in other languages or fast post-editing services, Pangeanic is usually ready to assist you along with your translation needs. We pride ourselves that, actually, Pangeanic is probably the only translation agency available in the market which can fully translate texts in Spanish into virtually any language on earth!

Spanish Translation Formats

Our Spanish translation team includes many experienced document translators. To become translator for Pangeanic, linguists must show professional qualifications and relevant skills handling formats and of course translation experience. A number of our Spanish translators concentrate on translating various kinds of documents and Pangeanic is utilized to deal with many final formats, from Microsoft Office(TM) to Adobe�s InDesign(TM) or FrameMaker, Quark(TM), practically all xml-based formats, and .po for software localization. Some of our Use Cases for clients and for large translation departments or larger translation companies describe professional publication (desktop publishing) and finishing in PDF, for instance.

It is possible to professionally translate your site into Spanish. It does not matter whether it is a static HTML website, or if you require Spanish translation of your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla website or even if you have built an advanced Java/PHP/Perl website. This is the age of globalization, and purchasing translating your services and products to exhibit a Spanish translation of your internet site is an extremely cost-effective investment. Translation will soon purchase itself - it is an good way to expand your business!

Translation Fields

At Pangeanic you will discover excellent technical Spanish translators with specialist backgrounds: medical, software, legal, quality and engineers assurance editors with all the experience to localize your software products or websites into Spanish.

From translating a birth certificate or a death certificate, a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, translating a diploma, to more professional translation services like translating bids for Spanish-speaking countries, business proposals in Spanish, user manuals in Spanish or any other document in Spanish you may need translated.

These are the industries in which we now have special translation expertise into Spanish:

Marketing and Advertising

Engineering mechanical and electrical, etc)

Entertainment and Media



Non-Associations, NGOs and Profits

Consumer Electronics


Professional Electronics

Consumer Products and Retail

, Tourism SoftwareHospitality and Travel




Energy and Power generation

Life Pharmaceutical and Sciences

, ProposalsTenders and Bids

We also provide Spanish interpretation services, voice-overs, audio transcriptions of Spanish recordings. A specialist services are multilingual search engine optimization: we shall check the best keywords into Spanish for every of your own webpages and localize the information so it is not only a translation yet it is written utilizing the best keywords for the Spanish market.

Dangers of an unsatisfactory translation

We have all heard and seen examples of poor translation work. You might be in safe hands at Pangeanic: our responsibility is to ensure that no low quality work affects your company image. �Quality is never expensive, lack of quality always is�,. That is our motto at Pangeanic. We now have the tools as well as the technology to provide competitive translation rates and a fast translation service. The hazards of not using reliable translators or a professional translation service when translating into Spanish are that you will have

A rise in the total cost of trials as a result of bad Spanish translations.

Delays in marketing and launching for the Spanish-speaking countries.

Unintelligible, unusable translations or poorly translated material may bring you to lawsuits or rejection of your product in Spanish markets by local regulators.

Lack of reputation and bad image within the Spanish market.

Not to mention, you might wind up being forced to translate again existing material.

Remember that if you translation needs are around 100,000 words annually, you will benefit from customized machine translation engines and post-editing services. If you need a free quote or free consultation, please contact our machine translation division. - Quality Spanish Translations

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